Skillspot competence-based recruitment system where the matching is unique

A URL is posted on social media for external recruitment and that takes the candidates directly into Skillspot. Or internally, the offer goes out to the employees who meet the requirements. But how? It’s never been so easy. Even a behavioral test is integrated into the application process. Going through CVs and comparing them with the requirements profiles takes a lot of time. In addition, specialists are required. In the skillspot system, that moment is completely eliminated. With a single click, only the applicant comes to the position that has the requested competence. Skillspot’s radar system ensures that only the candidates who meet the requirements are shown. Likewise, the job will not be visible to those who do not meet the requirements. Therefore, no return letters are needed. So not everyone can search for all advertised services!

A single click and radar shows which candidates match the skills requirements. The person who comes in the middle is the one who is perfect for the job. A personality test is integrated into the application procedure that provides a prelimic assessment of the degree of suitability. application procedure:


1.The recruiter creates the account about the job in a very simple procedure.


2.candidate creates an account and ticks several of the competencies available within the advertised position. For example, if a law firm is looking for a lawyer, all competencies for the candidate will fill in. In addition to the requirements for training, other competences that the employer has indicated as wishes will also come up. The candidate also ticks the language skills and is matched with the languages specified by the employer. This is done with other requirements the employer has specified. The candidates do not have a CV. Nor a motivational letter.

3. Now the candidate proceeds to a personality test that immediately shows the result. This is a preliminary assessment.


4.The candidate submits to recruiters.


5.The recruiter enters and gets the candidates who are suitable for the position within a few minutes. The radar has picked up on an axis where the candidate is. The one that ends up in the middle of the cross of the shoulder is the one that is perfect. Those who end up further away are very suitable for the position, but the skills that are less good come up. A completely visual system where the recruiter saves a lot of time and gets a much more accurate selection. The candidates who are not suitable for the position never see the advertised job and thus do not apply.

The recruiter does not have to send out naysayers letters more than to those who were ultimately not selected by the employer after the interviews.

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