Skillspot ™ – the software for strategic evaluation of risks and potential for Human Capital

Skillspot ™ for analysis of skills, recruitment and skills development

With Skillspot ™. a skills-based talent management system takes the company to the next level. Skillspot ™. A cloud-based.system.

Synchronizing the company strategies with the HR strategies is a must if the company wants the right skills and see the skills gaps in times of change. With Skillspot ™ this is a unique opportunity and makes it possible to implement.

Leaders, managers and HR managers, can increase the performance of their decision-making processes and prepare their company to face change with the help of Skillspot ™.


The employees enter their own role, skills and profile. More than 3,600 competencies are entered in Skillspot. so even though the company has many subsidiaries around the world, all employees’ data is entered, which they themselves have entered.

In a GAP analysis, managers validate their employees’ inlaid competencies to see where the gaps are.

We offer a unique HR system Skillspot ™, a technology that uses AI. Gives the company the opportunity to 100 percent and in a few minutes see where the competencies are in the company and discover the competency gaps. When the company goes out externally to search for the talent, the matching takes place visually in the same way.

The match is unique

Radar shows on a scale:

Competence level education

The level of hard skills such as education

The level of soft skills through an integrated personality test

No CV needs to be read or reviewed.

No no-thank you letters need to be sent out.


Effective External and Internal recruitment – The CV does not need to be read and compared with the requirements.

Shows clearly if the candidates are internally. Those who fit in have received a pop up and are invited to apply for the position.

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