Skillspot three types of products


Skillspot products
First package, Skillspot Snapshot: initial conditions and strategic objectives
Skillspot Snapshot is the entry point to initiate the Human Capital Risk and Potential Analysis approach. For the client, it is a 4 to 6 week project that allows them to take stock of the culture, values, skills and competencies of agroup of people (team, managers, internal or external candidates) or an entire company and compare them to strategic needs. In less than an hour per person (online), decision-makers get the information they need to make strategic decisions. All the information produced by Skillspot is then usable from the “Board of Directors to the shop
floor”, it gives not only strategic indicators but also tactical indicators to Managers.

Skillspot Snapshot results can be used by the client to prepare for business transformation, mergers and acquisitions, digital transformation and more broadly to address human capital challenges and ensure organisational resilience.

 Second package, Skillspot Motion: change management

Skillspot Motion(Real-Time) is the dynamic integration of our thin software layer with the customer’s existing data sources, processes and systems. Typically, the initialization time is 2-3 months for the customer – or even less if a Skillspot Snapshot has already been made. The aim is to monitor the progress of the gap analysis in real time, as the skills and needs of the organisation evolve. The solution also allows a more precise and automated identification of
improvement opportunities to achieve the new ambitions. Skillspot Pilot thus enables the management of the entire competency life cycle, from recruitment to separation, but also the creation and feeding of dynamic internal and external competency pools.

Third package, Skillspot Marketplace

Skillspot Marketplace is specifically designed for partners and their clients who wish to recruit and promote their Talents (ESN, SSII, Consulting firms, Placement agencies, Training centres and schools). With Skillspot Marketplaceas a white label (logo, colours and custom messages), the partner’s clients – or the partner itself – can manage all the skills of their employees, consultants, candidates or students, visualise mission or development opportunities,
automatically generate Skillspot CVs that are always up to date and optimise mission or project costs.

With Skillspot™. a competency-based talent management system, you take the company to the next level. Synchronizing business strategies with HR strategies is a must if the company wants to have the right competencies and see the skills gaps in times of change. With Skillspot,™ this is a unique opportunity and makes it possible to implement. Leaders, managers and HR managers, can increase the performance of their decision-making processes and prepare their company to face change using Skillspot™.

Keep excellent track of co-worker´s competences and look for internal talents.

Recruitment , The precise matching in minutes -Visual system

GAP analyse within weeks you know where the GAP is. Keep track of all your co-workers.

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